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TOPIC: Money is not the route of all evil ….but the love of it is

Money is not the route of all evil ….but the love of it is #1

In the last few years I believe I have invested in alcohol, tobacco arms, companies and loan companies. My money was taken under false pretences and used for purposes that I never would have agreed to … I am not a hardnosed investor who wants returns at any human cost(as others obviously are) I simply donate to charities.

The charities I gave money to advertised aims and objects I believed in and so I gave money to support them. Their warped view was to take my money and invest it to make a little more money in companies I find offensive …. All legal so that’s ok isn’t it.
Along with many others I have been the victim of that legal scam and we now vote by not donating any more ….ok probably will but being a darned site more careful who we trust next time.

At a local level I hear of Local Authority pension schemes looking to work with other areas to create super investment vehicles ….. Looking far and wide to take their money and make an extra%

Is it a good idea to divert money away from our local area and does this mean in reality those in the know believe our own communities are not worth investing in?
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