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Sustainable Transport
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TOPIC: Great Event but what next?

Great Event but what next? #1

Whilst we appreciate the feedback received from our previous Sustainable Transport conference, we would like your comments on what issues you would like to be covered at our next Sustainable Transport conference on 22nd October.

Re: Great Event but what next? #2

Focus on changing behaviours to promote modal shifts and transport alternatives.

Re: Great Event but what next? #3

In my Trust energy used for providing heating, light and power now only accounts for 8% of emissions. The rest is made up from procurement and travel (travel includes patient and visitor travel, and staff travel). Travel and procurement make up the rest of emissions in roughly equal measure. It seems to me then that the only way to significantly reduce emissions is to

1) Move away discussing fossil fuel use, it now accounts for only 8% and whatever happens, we need to use electricity and gas. Even if we reduces these by say 20% we still would not make a significant difference, and technical advancement and improving efficiencies will happen anyway and reduce this figure further
2) The only real way to significantly reduce emissions is to reduce the number of people that need to use the NHS by promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing LTC’s, treating people at home, using technology to monitor conditions at the patients home so they do not need to travel to hospital.
3) Promote self help, healthy diet so people do not get avoidably sick in the first place
4) Tackle the obesity problem and the coming onslaught of millions extra people becoming diabetic
5) Study epidemiology, why is it that a half of the population is overweight, and half of these are obese?
6) Reduce pharmacy use by tackling the above issues
7) Should health workers set a good example? (I think so.)
8) Basically to tackle the health problems, and not just treat the symptoms.
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