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Sustainable Transport
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TOPIC: Technology's role in creating greener public sector fleet operations?

Technology's role in creating greener public sector fleet operations? #1

Fleet departments often bear the brunt of responsibility for an organisation’s carbon emissions – it’s the nature of the fuel-hungry beast. Operating vehicles as part of public service provision, from ambulances and buses to gritters and employee pool cars, incurs a cost to the environment but reducing the impact can be achieved by gaining insight into the status of a fleet and closely scrutinising performance.
Technology has a significant role to play in creating greener, leaner fleet operations; from tracking MPG and carbon emissions, to procuring more fuel efficient vehicles, automating routine maintenance schedules and reducing waste through enhanced vehicle utilisation. It also has the ability to join up processes, reduce duplication of data entry, suggest car sharing alternatives to employees requesting a pool car booking and automatically report on any set of key performance indicators – helping to maintain compliance.
Making electric vehicle alternatives easier to integrate and manage is another benefit fleet management technology can deliver to public sector fleets.
With compelling reasons to embrace technology to achieve greener, more sustainable and cost effective operations – and see a tangible ROI – what are the barriers to uptake? What functionality would you like to see introduced to the market? And what specific challenges does your public sector fleet have that could be overcome through the use of technology?

Re: Technology's role in creating greener public sector fleet operations? #2

Utilising technology is essential in creating greener fleets and is something that more and more public sector fleet operators are realising. ETS specialise in assisting organisations significantly cut fuel costs and Co2 emissions through telematics and have assisted a large number of public sector operations achieve significant results in their efforts in creating greener more sustainable transport divisions. We will be providing a master class on how Telematics helps fleet managers within the public sector at this years sustainable transport conference. Included in the master class will be a look at a recent case study which saw Liverpool City Council slash their fuel bill by 21% in just 3 months. The master class will take place at 12.35 in the Upper Sugar room and we will also be exhibiting at position 12 in the brewery conference centre where we will be available to answer any questions.

Re: Technology's role in creating greener public sector fleet operations? #3

Any department or authority can take some steps to addressing grey fleet through:

Presenting the impacts of grey fleet travel to senior managers and highlighting potential benefits, including cost savings, to encourage their support for action, Setting Travel Policy to restrict unnecessary grey fleet usage and promote other forms of transport where these are offer better value for money or lower environmental impact, Gathering management information on travel in private vehicles to help comply with duty of care legislation and prompt employees to justify the requirement to use their own car.
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Re: Technology's role in creating greener public sector fleet operations? #4

Gathering management information on grey fleet use is, as you state, a great help to ensure compliance with duty of care legislation and to justify the requirement for using private vehicles. Where grey fleet users have expressed a dislike to a telematics unit being installed in their vehicles, we have assisted in providing either wire free tracking units or mobile phone tracking technology. This ensures all mileage is recorded accurately as well as allowing management to track live locations, journey histories and speeds to help with duty of care requirements.
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