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Carbon Reduction Related Discussions amd Debate
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TOPIC: Electric Vehicle The Range Challenge

Electric Vehicle The Range Challenge 2 years, 1 month ago #1

I've tested quite a few electric bicycles and motorcycles (powered two wheelers or PTW) in the past couple of years. The novelty of being whizzed along in relative silence is somewhat novel. However the fun tends to end prematurely because the batteries go flat. Manufacturuers claims are often optimistic.
Am I expecting too much and will this ever improve? Also why is it that there are no tax incentives on electric motorcycles, sorry PTW's? Cars get something like £5K, for bicycles there is a ride to work scheme giving tax and vat breaks. The whole tax issue over Electic vehicles needs looking into. Who agrees?
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Re: Electric Vehicle The Range Challenge 2 years ago #2

The obvious issue with electric vehicles is that as long as the electricity comes from fossil fuels, we're not actually eliminating our reliance on carbon. Now this isn't such a big problem as we could find ways to certify that the energy used for our PTW is green. But the process of green certification of our energy sources is very complicated, I'm told.
So in my opinion, a slight rethink about certifying green energy sources would do the trick,

Re: Electric Vehicle The Range Challenge 2 years ago #3


It must be remembered that the mileage stated by Electric Bike manufacturers is based on "Standard Conditions". This is a 75kg (12st) rider on level ground with no wind. That rarely happens in practise. Most journeys have hills and some head wind.

Mileages have increased dramatically over the last few years as battery technology has improved. Our latest bikes give a range of up to 60 miles on pedal assist. If you only use the throttle, and ride as if the bike was a scooter, then the mileage will be vastly reduced. We are getting up to 24 miles with no pedalling on our LCD range.

I expect that similar improvements will be made in the next couple of years and there are some exciting battery developments just around the corner.

The good thing about an electric bike is that they are designed to assist you rather than take away the cycling effort completely. This means that your journey will be easier, you will arrive at work without that "hot and sweaty" feeling but on the way home you can switch the power off or reduce it to allow you to get exercise.

Most journeys to work are only a few miles, typically less than five, and use of an electric bike could dramatically improve emissions in towns and cities.

I know that I am biased as a manufacturer but we do carry out our own testing so we know what our bikes performance is in real life.

We have a helpful Buyers Guide to Electric Bicycles available if anyone would like one. It explains the terminology and technology available in layman's terms and our customers have found this very useful.

Re: Electric Vehicle The Range Challenge 2 years ago #4

Thanks Ralph - I'd love to come and test one out. My real passion is for dirt bikes although the GREEN interest tends to be with commuter bikes, as is my professional interest being an air quality practitioner in central London. I'm awaiting a full suspension electric bicycle based on a downhill mountain bike as no-one makes anything like that yet; only "frumpy" looking commuter bikes. I'm happy to pedal but I don't like walkers passing me by up-hill!!
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