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Carbon Reduction Related Discussions amd Debate

TOPIC: How have you reduced your carbon?

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 3 weeks ago #31

Our organisation is doing the following:

At a strategic level we feed into regional and sub regional initiatives across GM such as Green Deal Go Early, participating in DECC’s Energy Challenge workshop series and the like.

Away from strategic stuff, our Retrofit Brokerage Service continues to highlight cost effective solutions to address energy consumption / energy efficiency that landlords can incorporate into their existing planned maintenance programmes as well as helping RPs deliver specific energy efficiency type schemes.

As a business, PP is currently reviewing its own environmental policy with a view to highlighting the appropriate measures that an office based ‘services sector’ organisation can practicably employ to minimise its environmental impact.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 3 weeks ago #32

About TRAID: We are a charity taking practical action to stop clothes being thrown away. We work with Local authorities, housing associations, households and schools to diver clothes from the waste stream for reuse. We also deliver sustainable education to over 10,000 children, young people and adults every year. Our work saves our local authorities partners around £500,000 every year -and In terms of carbon emissions, the London borough of Brent, for example have saved 46,298 tonnes.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 3 weeks ago #33

A current project that I’m working on is looking at fixed roof mounted solar PV on County farm buildings, this is still in it’s early stages. At this moment we are looking at the roof areas, types and position to calculate the potential solar size.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 1 week ago #34

Strode College is committed to developing an increasingly sustainable operation and environment and has changed operations, processes and systems to ensure that the college minimises emissions wherever possible.

The on-going building projects within the college have enabled energy conservation to be included in the design of new buildings. The buildings maximise daylight penetration, use low energy pumping systems and low velocity ventilation systems.

Over the past seven years power consumption has increased by only 4.45% despite the increase in floor space and introduction of new electrical equipment to the campus. The boilers are all high efficiency. We use extra thick insulation; run outside lights on photo light sensitive cells and use a warm air recycling system to reduce the energy spent on heating buildings. We have installed a building management system to ensure that energy usage for heating is minimised and are considering the introduction of solar panels to assist hot water heating.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 1 week ago #35

My organization is an NHS hospital and therefore it has the duty to limit the Co2 emission following the target reduction setup by NHS England.

We have an Environmental manager that covers all the energy and waste issue on the existing premises.

I am a Project Manager and Lead designer of new projects, therefore I apply the latest technology to reduce cost and energy during the life of the building. I reduce carbon emission mainly using fabric improvement and natural ventilation for summer.

I was involved in Breeam for the project of A&E at Whipps Cross Hospital.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 1 week ago #36

Our IT infrastructure is based on a sustainable IT model introducing low power systems and technologies that reduce the impact on the environment. All IT procurement aims to reduce power and cooling requirements. The selection criteria for all new equipment and services now include a weighting for sustainability covering the entire lifecycle of the products from manufacture through to disposal. Weighting during the selection process is also given to the sourcing of the component parts, the packaging and the transport.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 1 week ago #37

We re-cycle everything that is possible including glass, batteries, spectacles, light tubes, mobile phones and computers, electrical and data cables. On average, 280 bags of paper, 8 bins of cardboard, 24 bags of plastic bottles, 16 bags of cans and 12 bags of polythene are recycled every month. We also strive to reduce the waste we create in the first place.

Strode has recently set up a sustainability garden on-campus, follow its development on the Strode College sustainability garden and biodiversity project blog.”

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 1 week ago #38

For me the reduction of carbon occurs on two levels. I am personally committed to living in such a way as to reduce my carbon use, so I use public transport, eat locally and organically and I avoid air travel whenever possible.

On a different level, my career choices have always been influenced by my commitment to working towards finding solutions to environmental challenges. For example, I work with young children to help them to unpick the complexities inherent in carbon reduction behaviour as a way of learning about the challenges of living more sustainably.

It is important to note that the measures I describe here have always been a part of my lifestyle and are not therefore an outcome of current or previous governments' attempts to reduce carbon use.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month, 1 week ago #39

We also promote the use of public transport and cycling though this is a challenge in a rural catchment like ours. In my role as procurement officer I try to promote carbon reduction in purchasing decisions here but financial constraints sometimes make this difficult.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month ago #40

We are a community interest company based in the Stroud District. We began working with Secondary Schools in the District in 2012 to see how we could support them to address sustainability in curriculum, campus and community. We have recently gained a small amount of funding to conduct an energy, waste and water audit at one of the schools and to work with them to understand how behaviour changes by students and staff can reduce energy use and thereby reduce carbon output on campus. This has not been at all easy, funding helps but the barriers are significant. We are looking for more funding to continue our work with schools, both activities and research. It is clear to us that the barriers for secondary schools to carbon reduction measures are very different to those that primary schools experience - the work in each sector needs to be distinct and differences understood, so that approaches to working towards carbon reduction are appropriate and effective.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month ago #41

In terms of what we are at Network Rail are doing to reduce our carbon emissions we are progressing a large programme to install electricity smart meters and smart sub-meters to provide higher standards of consumption data in order to better prioritise interventions. We are also trialling several types of renewable technology at different locations and monitoring performance.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month ago #42

NEF is an educational charity at its heart, and everything we do helps meet our core objective of 'improving the use of energy in buildings'.
Aiming at lowering our dependency on raw energy and constantly seeking to reduce carbon emission. We do this by providing practical experience and technical expertise, connecting stakeholders and creating forums to drive forward the frontiers of good practice.

1. Through the Re:Start Local project, we've provided 25 SMEs with a total of 216 hours of advice and assistance to help them become better equipped to undertake retrofit work.

2. We've managed the retrofitting of 14 domestic properties in Bicester (Bicester Green Deal), which included between one and five energy efficiency measures per household - solar water heating, PV, wood burning stoves, insulation, boiler replacement, replacement windows and doors. The work has been carried out in a way that respects the properties' heritage and surroundings. One home located in a Conservation Area was fitted with electricity-generating solar roof tiles instead of the usual solar electric panels. The project has improved our knowledge of Green Deal and whole-house retrofit, with particular reference to both the householder and installer journeys.

3. The three Affordable Warmth Networks we operate across Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire directly advised over 4,000 residents last year via our dedicated helpline, and at over 150 outreach events. We helped vulnerable residents keep warm in their homes and maintain sustainable energy bills. Funding was attracted from local authorities, health services, the Department of Health and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The Buckinghamshire Network is our longest-standing, and has been helping residents for over a decade.

4. Over the last two years, the West Oxfordshire Thermal Imaging Project has surveyed close to 500 homes, providing tailored advice to residents, with many residents requesting a re-survey to check that installed measures have made a difference. This project is now in its third year.

5. We've assisted a major registered social housing provider in planning and beginning the delivery of a 4,000-property retrofit programme.

6. The Pioneer Places programme provided over 1,000 householders with energy surveys. On average, those people who had a Green Deal Assessment through the Pioneer Places project could improve their home's EPC rating from an average of 60 (band D) to 82 (band B) by carrying out the recommended measures.

7. We've assisted SuperHomes in the administration of its open day scheme. SuperHomes attracted a record number of visitors (3,695) to its open days in September - up 30% on September 2012. There were also record numbers of visits to its website and visitor feedback continues to be highly positive.

8. We've helped many people with the installation of
energy-efficient boilers through the Boiler Cashback Scheme we administer.

9. We've participated in the EU Eracobuild retrofit project, to research and further develop the award-winning WHISCERS (whole-house in-situ carbon and energy reduction system) on behalf of the Sustainable Energy Academy. This work builds on the earlier development of WHISCERS, which was also led by NEF.

10. We've secured funding from the Technology Strategy Board's Scaling Up Retrofit Programme to develop and pilot a new tool to test the as-delivered performance of fabric improvements in buildings.

11. We've assisted five local authorities in submitting Greenhouse gases report to DECC, over the past three years, supporting their efforts to lower their carbon footprint.

12. As a company we are looking at our own environmental impact and following ISO14001 to certification.

Re: How have you reduced your carbon? 1 month ago #43

Answer on behalf new community energy initiative that I am developing - Stroud Community Energy Initiative (SCPI) - Deploying of sustainable technology and services - Reinvestment of income from generation, sales and FITs into 1. further the initiative 2. support for Learning for Sustainability to build capacity for a low carbon economy 4. Deliver benefit to the wider community
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