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Sustainable Communities
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TOPIC: Developing Eco-community projects with no financial support

Developing Eco-community projects with no financial support 2 years, 3 months ago #1

Norton Canes Community Partnership, a registered charity in Cannock Chase are developing a project that will benefit local people, community buildings, schools and businesses in the area. Through consultation with local people, a Green Communities Action Plan was published funded by Energy Saving Trust. The group will lead on a innovative project that will change the way a village community wants to save energy, develop projects to recycle and think careful about throwing food away. Volunteers need support to develop these projects but with no funding and dedicated expert support this is difficult. Chris Huhne said:

“Prime Minister’s promise to slash the Government’s own carbon emissions by 10 per cent in our first year, but we need to go much further beyond that. Only by putting the low carbon agenda at the heart of everything that we do will we convince businesses and householders to do the same.” So please tell us how communities and volunteers get the help to support this Government agenda.

Re: Developing Eco-community projects with no financial support 2 years, 3 months ago #2

In SIFE in the UK there are currently 48 student volunteer groups comprising of around 2,500 active volunteers.The projects that they run aim to create a more sustainable world through empowering people in need by applying business and economic concepts to improve their quality of life and standard of living. A key aspect is that all projects must consider and account for economic and social factors as well as the environmental factors, ensuring a holistic approach to the project and long-term sustainability. In considering the economic factors it is encouraged that the solutions implemented are financially self-sustainable. If the solution is working towards environmental sustainability and at the same time is making money, it will not be reliant on outside funding. Providing a financially viable solution and empowering others with the skills required, helps them and their community to take ownership of the solutions, increasing success.We find that whatever the solution the teams are aiming to implement, it works best around a business model to ensure the continuation of the solution in the long-run.

Re: Developing Eco-community projects with no financial support 2 years, 3 months ago #3

And Talking of Waste …………………..

Save our Sewers

There is another huge area where the only real way to make the necessary big change is for the government to impose restrictions - not on councils or individuals but on the manufacturers of toilet rolls. The problem relates to waste and waterways - our Victorian sewage system. It will remain working only as long as we treat it with care.

The marketing ploy is "Buy our thicker and softer toilet rolls and we'll plant more trees." The reality is - our sewers are not able to function properly because 'using thick, three-ply toilet paper is like putting a sleeping bag into the sewage system." This was the comment made by a sewage worker and if 'ordinary people' (like me) know this, then surely the government are already aware of the problem. It is huge! But nothing ever changes. We are slaves to the market and the people in charge - the government - are either blind (or deaf), stupid (mmmm) or ignorant (they are ignoring the problem as well as their responsibility).

The truth is that we don't really need to use toilet paper at all - water is wonderful - ask a million Muslims - but, being 'civilized, we don't like to get our hands wet or dirty and the system takes advantage of that. It is too much to even begin to educate people - they would reject this particular idea so - the government needs to step in and make sure that toilet rolls are thin, sensible and kind to the planet.

Re: Developing Eco-community projects with no financial support 2 years, 2 months ago #4

The Cotswold Canals Trust is starting the construction of a new low carbon electricity generator next month subject to imminent planning and EA approval. Various bids for private funding have already been secured but another £100K has just been applied for via Energyshare Fund 100.
This innovative scheme involves a hydro power turbine which will be driven by excess water flowing down a section of canal near Stroud Gloucestershire. The aim is to generate enough green energy to create a sustainable source of income for the operation and maintenance of the restored canal.

Please register your support on www.energyshare.com/Dudbridge-Locks-Hydro

Re: Developing Eco-community projects with no financial support 2 years, 1 month ago #5

At Local United we are trying to give communities the opportunity to develop an ongoing income stream through an ethical energy supplier switching scheme. Communities can participate in the scheme and promote to their members the value of switching energy supplier. The community will then receive money for every individual that switches supplier, this payment will continue to be made for every year they stay signed up. To find out more you can visit our website www.localunited.net/?q=community.

Local United was founded by a group of social entrepreneurs who all have experience of working within community groups to get new social ventures off the ground. Local United was set up with the aim of helping communities to replicate that success by providing support, mentoring and practical advice to community groups wishing to set up their own social ventures that tackle peak oil and climate change.
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