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Sustainable Communities

TOPIC: How do you tackle sustainability in the community?

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 1 year, 3 months ago #16

Dear Iain,

if you would like to read more about the Brighton Energy Co-op you could download and read our (Community Innovation for Sustainable Energy project - SPRU and UEA) innovation history about BEC:


On our website you can find other innovation histories and briefings about community energy:


I hope this answers your question.

Best, Sabine

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 1 year, 2 months ago #17

Thanks so much Sabine

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 1 year, 2 months ago #18

Here at Sovereign Housing Association we try to show by example how a business operating in the local community can function in a sustainable way, we work to minimise our impact on the environment both local and national and are accredited with ISO14001. Through this we encourage our staff to help us reduce our impact by for example highlighting ways to reduce our energy usage in the offices.

Through regular small events within our residents communities, we offer advice on all areas of housing and support needs including how residents could work to reduce their individual energy usage – here the residents main interest is reducing the costs of their monthly bill not necessarily the amount of carbon their energy use emits.

We do find that any new technologies which may help people reduce their energy use need to be simple to operate, as technology becomes more complicated many will simply revert to “switching on and off” and not use any apps to help them – one of the simplest improvements Social Landlord can do is to improve the fabric of their properties to reduce energy use at source. We are currently developing a “Warmer Homes” Project to target insulation and heating technologies within our properties which are currently under SAP 50. We are looking in the first instance to undertake this on homes where the residents may be in fuel poverty to try and help address two issues at once.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 1 month, 3 weeks ago #19

My main role is to develop Local Plan Part 2 which involves allocating land for housing, employment, etc. I am also involved in various projects such as development of a long distance cycleway; facilitating an inter-authority group on wind energy and co-ordinating the Council’s Green Team (we put 100kw of solar panels on the roof and had a good return in the first year). The big challenge is less staff and diminishing funding.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 1 month, 1 week ago #20

We raise funds through a community funded co-operative to install and operate renewable energy in local schools and community buildings. Our experience has been working with solar PV in the past and we are now looking into community funded biomass installations.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 1 month ago #21

We have developed an Environmental Sustainability Strategy – see www.trident-ha.org.uk/wp-content/uploads...y-Strategy-FINAL.pdf

This strategy looks at ways to help us reduce the negative impact that both Trident and its customers have on the environment. The strategy covers six different themes, which are: Awareness and Engagement, Energy, Resource Use, Open Spaces, Transport, and Health and Well-being. Each of these themes includes ways in which we can encourage resident engagement by identifying actions that are relevant to them, where they live. We have also allocated a small Go Green budget, which although primarily focused on physical (open space) improvements on our schemes, demands an element of added value which could be training, skills development, community development, and/or making links with a range of sustainability issues. Residents identify project ideas and encourage their neighbours to become involved, while we purchase the necessary materials and services to support their action.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 4 weeks, 1 day ago #22

Here at EEESafe, we take an innovative and different approach to engage consumers. However we also seek to engage other Stakeholders in this process. Every household has domestic appliances like Cookers, Fridges, Washing Machines, Tumble Driers etc. These items are being disposed of too quickly because they can be costly to repair. However, additionally, there is no requirement in law on who can repair them and the Independent Tradesmen maintain many jobs are not done safely. Add to that the facts that there are 350,000 accidents each year attributable to electrical faults and also there is research from 2011/2012 showing 2000 House Fires due to faulty appliances that I've already cited.

Furthermore, we have increasing Electrical Waste that falls under the WEEE Directive, that must be reduced and is generally taken away from HWRC sites by Producer Compliance Schemes, who end up repairing it without proven competencies of the individuals involved in the process. All this transportation and Gate fees cost the Local Authority money, and also increase carbon emissions, which could be reduced if we followed the EEESafe model.

We have conducted research to show that impoverished communities, social services, landlords are all looking for low costs Appliances to meet the demand. Procuring from a network operating to an Industry Standard is preferred than increasing risks working with potential rogue repairers, particularly with Trustees and Directors becoming accountable should a serious incident occur.

EEESafe has launched a Competent Persons Scheme, EEESafe DAT (Household Repairers) and EEESafe DARs (Workshop Repairers) where they register and evidence their competency, equipment, calibrations and other business requirements. They are also assessed on their Ohms Law Knowledge. Once completed, they are sent their EEESafe Cards and agreement to follow the protocols and requirements. Some choose to be an EEESafe Centre, and its here that Waste Appliances ar diverted and in fact do not become waste, according to the Environment Agency protocols, which we've checked. This information is booked in, with an online system, and then uploaded to the EEESafe Online Shop. Doing this we can monitor standards and record Waste prevention, but importantly, retain it within the local community, and meet the researched demand we have for Reuse/Refurbished Appliances that are now repaired by proven Competent Persons.

The Household DATs will inform consumers, when they want to change the appliance, that it can go to a local centre. The Online Shops also offer New Appliances through an agreement with the COOP, who will supply new ones and not remove the old appliance, but instead work with the local Centre. There is revenue in this model which is shared by EEESafe and the Registered Centres. There is full reporting functionality across the Shops as they are hosted by EEESafe, and a Quality Spares Engine will soon be online to allow Centres and DATs, buy and sell spares at reduced prices, thus encouraging more reuse and waste prevention.

This is a great model also for Housing Associations not only to manage their own Stock this way, but deliver Training and Create their own EEESafe Qualified Repairers who will be EEESafe DARq's.

Currently we're engaged in discussions with a Local Authority and Housing Association who are keen to get involved. Additionally we are running a Pilot shortly in London, to enable completion of the Full Qualification that can roll out in more Training Centres in the UK. We reach the community and raise awareness through the DATs and DARs who make on average around 10 calls per day, when set up properly. Every purchase of a new Appliance from our Site or from the Online Shop of an EEESafe centre will add finance to our Community Trust Fund. This will open up when a threshold is reached and allow local community projects to apply for sustainable projects.

I will be at the event on the 10th as well and am also representing the Trade Association DASA who are encouraging their Members to register their members to obtain their EEESafe Card and contribute to building a Sustainable Economy in the White Goods Sector. We are also in discussions with the Electrical Safety Council and London Reuse Commission to look at how we can work together in this unregulated sector.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 5 days ago #23

The Redbridge Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the vision for the borough over the next 10 years – looking at economic, social and environmental issues together and taken these all into account when deciding what we need to do to make Redbridge a better place to live. Thought to wider global issues such as climate change and how to address locally.

Involving communities is a key theme of the Sustainable Community Strategy to strengthen community cohesion; address climate change; increase community participation/engagement.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 5 days ago #24

London Community Resource Network tackles sustainability in the community by running many projects. London Community Resource Network also provide information, training and support around the issue of recycling and re-use.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 5 days ago #25

The Types of projects LCRN are involve in are:

1) Give and Take
2) Furniture, appliance and WEEE recycling and re-use from housing associations and universities
3) Food boxes and cooking lessons to avoid food waste
4) Training on Waste Smart and setting up a re-use business
5) Eco, Waste and Carbon Smart audits.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 3 days ago #26

We are replacing all our G rated boilers with new A rated boilers.

We are also trying to educate and influence user behaviour as this potentially has a larger effect than the physical measures by themselves. In the past we have employed “green doctors” for this. For the future we are keeping an open mind on how we can take this forward.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 3 days ago #27

The SuperHomes Network harnesses the enthusiasm of energy saving pioneers to bring examples of successful sustainable refurbishment to the widest possible audience. SuperHome owners are motivated to retrofit their older properties to increase their energy efficiency. While other motivations also revolve around comfort and fuel costs, the outcomes are the same: houses with increased energy efficiency that produce lower carbon emissions. Lots of houses also utilise recycled and recyclable materials, ensuring their retrofits are as sustainable as possible.

To encourage sustainability in their local communities, SuperHomers open their houses to the public as well as contributing to the SuperHomes website (www.superhomes.org.uk) providing information on retrofitting for energy efficiency.

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 1 day ago #28

We tackle sustainability in the community and in our office by recycling toner cartridges, cardboard and paper where possible, also we use scrap paper for taking notes etc which saves using new sheets of paper

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 1 day ago #29

Stretton Climate Care is a charity based in Church Stretton in Shropshire, dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our area. Over the last six years we have conducted over 400 Home Energy Visits, advising homeowners on how to reduce usage and bills. Figures show an average reduction of 13%. We are now also offering a service to new homeowners, through the estate agents, advising people when they move into a property on what changes they might like to make. We also provide general forums, public meetings with high profile speakers, open homes days (to showcase developments), demonstrations of electric vehicles, and campaign on environmental issues. We are a member of Green Shropshire Exchange. Our latest venture is to work with the Town Council in providing an electric car charging point in the town (the first in Shropshire!)
Our website is www.strettonclimatecare.org.uk

David Howard

Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community? 3 weeks, 1 day ago #30

I am looking forward to the event on Tuesday 10th December.

I would like to raise an awareness that communities are already compromised by the existing number of us. We have exceeded the natural ability of space and resources to sustain us.

This I would argue is the most appropriate manner in which to view 'sustainability'.

Further that this is something that can and should be addressed through non coercive means and with urgency.

Day to day we all read or hear about examples of how diminishing resources are overwhelmed by our existing numbers. We articulate this in terms of costs and prices and 'not enough of'.

I would seek a fresh perspective, that this is best articulated as 'so many of us' and that 'currently there are more of us coming'.
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