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Reducing HCAIs
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TOPIC: Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand Hygiene Summit 2 weeks ago #16

Independent research has demonstrated success of the CleanYourHands campaign (1). Following closure of this campaign, the Hand Hygiene Alliance was formed with a shared concern around the sustainability of hand hygiene improvement, including continuing reduction in MRSA and other healthcare associated infections.

The Alliance comprises former members of the NPSA Expert Reference Group, patient lobby groups, specialist healthcare professionals and research workers from both hospital and community and behavioural scientists. Suppliers and developers of hand hygiene products are also amongst its numbers. Some of these individuals were members of the pioneering multidisciplinary group, the Hand Hygiene Liaison Group, which first made hand hygiene a national clinical governance issue in 1999, recommending widespread use of Alcohol Handrub at the bedside.

The Alliance is organizing a Hand Hygiene Summit to be held as part of the GovToday meeting in London on 24th October, 2012. What we aim to do at the summit is to Identify the most constructive way forward to sustain what has been achieved, highlighting emerging issues impacting on hand hygiene.

Part of the summit will include a ‘Dimbleby’ style debate between key figures in the landscape chaired by Consultant Surgeon, David Leaper.

The debate will examine vital questions, important for going forward. With this in mind, what questions would you like to ask to our expert panel?

1. An evaluation of the national Cleanyourhands campaign, an initiative to reduce Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia and Clostridium difficile infection in hospitals in England & Wales through improved hand-hygiene: a four year prospective ecological interrupted time-series study

Sheldon Paul Stone, Christopher Fuller, Joan Savage, Barry Cookson,Andrew Hayward, Ben Cooper, Georgia Duckworth, Susan Michie, Miranda Murray, Annette Jeanes, J Roberts, Louise Teare, Andre Charlett British Medical Journal: 26 May2012; 344, 17 -19.
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Re: Hand Hygiene Compliance 5 days, 3 hours ago #17

I am looking forward to hearing Julie Storr et al (The Alliance)at the Conference in October as I am sure the work already done by NPSA and pioneers like Julie will not be forgotten.

Re: Hand Hygiene Summit 5 days, 2 hours ago #18

1) Whilst continuing to target and maintain staff hand hygiene compliance are there any national initiatives to help patients understand their role in promoting good hand hygiene standards – including being willing (where able) to provide adequate hand hygiene facilities for staff caring for them in their homes e.g liquid soap and kitchen roll for DN’s to use?
2) With so much pressure, and possible financial penalties, on organisations to demonstrate excellent hand hygiene results is there a risk that some organizations may ‘massage’ their figures and thus those who provide accurate but not perfect scores will be penalized for their honesty?

Re: Hand Hygiene Summit 4 days, 2 hours ago #19

Although we say that the rates of MRSA is on the reduce, why is it that many patients are diagnosed with MRSA following any surgical interventions in hospitals? Is it poor hand hygiene, poor decontamination in surgery or is it poor hand hygiene on the post operative wards? I must say that I have received patients that went in for day surgery and returned the same day with MRSA in the site of surgery.
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Re: Hand Hygiene Summit 4 days ago #20

I am greatly looking forward to the debate on this day which I believe will raise some very important issues and should also inspire and enthuse the delegates in attendance.

Re: Hand Hygiene Summit 1 day, 5 hours ago #21

What strategy is in place to ensure doctors and all healthcare trainees are trained and more so, apply the HCAI standard when in the coalface of working in an environment are faced with resistance, by their leaders. How can they act as role models to bring positive change without having to continually monitor practice, so that it is an embedded part of patient care pathway?

Re: Hand Hygiene Summit 1 day, 4 hours ago #22

Has hand hygiene been shown to be the single most important factor in reducing the spread of HCAI?

Re: Hand Hygiene Summit 1 day, 4 hours ago #23

Have business cases been put forward successfully to NHS Trusts to fund additional bed space to cohort MRSA/C diff patient carriers?

Re: Hand Hygiene Summit 1 day, 4 hours ago #24

We have fitted alcohol hand rube at suitable places in corridors so that any-one coming out of a residents room or a communal room will find one near-by. We think that this is the best way of making it likely that staff and visiting health-care workers will in fact clean their hands after each contact. However one GP commented that the alcohol works only for certain infections, and he washed his hands with soap and water. Obviously the alcohol is much more convenient and likely to be used. Infections we encounter here include occasional diarrhoea, but have included MRSA and C-diff acquired previously. What should be the policy on soap-and –water vs. alcohol rub?

Aspiring to gold standard hand hygiene facilities in the current financial stringent climate 2 hours, 56 minutes ago #25

I understand the gold standard requirements for hand hygiene facilities, however in the current financial landscape accessing funds is extremely difficult to make improvements.
My particular area of concern is for the cinderella service of Community Equipment Service. My current service has not had the investment it deserved due to a variety of reasons, including this being a leasehold & inappropriately designed building.
Will alcohol hand disinfectants be adequate for this service in the absence of a sink and running water for next 12 months?
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