Greens: get climate change deniers out of government

Published on Friday, 14 February 2014 14:33
Written by Daniel Mason

All cabinet ministers and senior government advisers who do not accept the scientific consensus around climate change should be removed from their posts immediately, the Green party has said.

It made the call as part of a 10-point plan to improve the UK's resilience to flooding, which was unveiled today by the party's leader Natalie Bennett.

Bennett, speaking to the BBC, said: "We're talking about senior advisers, not the whole of the civil service or anything like that.

"We have a situation where we have to get people signed up to action. That's really what matters – that they're signed up to take action on this." She added: "We need the whole government behind us; it is an emergency situation we are facing now."

Describing David Cameron's claim to lead the greenest government ever as a "sick joke", Bennett confirmed that if the policy were adopted it would mean every government adviser who did not believe in climate change leaving their post whether or not their job was related to issues such as flooding.

The 10-point plan included measures such as reversing staff cuts at the Environment Agency, preventing further development on flood plains, increasing spending on flood defences, and rethinking land management policies to encourage the storage of water in upland areas.

Meanwhile a Royal Commission should be set up to investigate the long-term impact of climate change on land, and more attention paid to warnings from the Met Office that more extreme weather events are likely to occur in future, the Greens said.

The party also criticised what it called the "undue influence" exerted by the fossil fuel industry on government policy and demanded an end to the "revolving door" between big business and politics.

David Cameron, the prime minister, has previously said he "suspected" the current floods were caused by climate change.

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