NHS Confederation comments on South London Healthcare NHS Trust

Published on Thursday, 12 July 2012 14:50
Posted by Scott Buckler

Commenting on the news that a special administrator has been appointed to South London Healthcare NHS Trust, NHS Confederation deputy chief executive David Stout said..

"The Government is taking the right action to respond to the troubles this trust is facing.

"Propping up struggling trusts with short term solutions is not the answer. These organisations need to be allowed to sort out their fundamental problems.

"We need more decisive action if the NHS is going to maintain the highest quality service and stay on a stable financial footing during these financially challenging times. This will mean many NHS organisations making radical changes to way services are provided.

"When taking over a trust, it is important that the administrator looks beyond hospital care to consider primary, community care and social care to make sure services are placed back on a financially sustainable footing."

"It is important to reassure patients and the public that the hospital will continue to provide the full range of services while the administrator develops proposals."

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