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Sustainable Transport
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TOPIC: Are we promoting cycling to benefit the environment but neglecting cyclist safety?

Re: Are we promoting cycling to benefit the environment but neglecting cyclist safety? #16

Testing and training for some modes of transport has clearly helped improved awareness and proves an element of road skills e.g. compulsory basic training for motorcyclists. However, one size doesn’t fit all and compulsory testing needs careful consideration.

Any compulsory activity is only as good as the enforcement that comes with it. Given that motorists require a driving licence, road tax and insurance, there are annual checks and balances in place to ensure that people confirm to the requirements. I can’t see how easily it would be to enforce compulsory testing and rider training – unless a highly bureaucratic system were designed.

My own preference would be to ensure that training is offered for young people of school age to encourage them onto bikes, with optional but easily available refresher courses for adults who are new to cycling or out of the habit. Raised awareness of the issues, and some analysis of how people become one of the KSI figures would be better shared with communities, rather than kept within the profession as a stat to influence behaviour change of both cyclists and other road users.

No Revenue from cyclists, no legal requirement & no demand for cycle lanes. #17

What revenue is generated from cyclists? No legal requirement for planners to provide separate and safe cycle lanes.
- public transport and motorists pay & pay.
Therefore using current economics, cyclists have a desperate need for safe cycle lanes, but no demand.
Cyclist death and serious injury is rising as more people take to their bikes.
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Re: Are we promoting cycling to benefit the environment but neglecting cyclist safety? #18

Echoing the comments already posted I believe it would be extremely difficult to implement compulsory training and testing for cyclists and could deter would be cyclists particularly those cycling for leisure. Cycle training in schools is a good idea and a way of instilling the general principles of road safety. Perhaps such training could be delivered within the physical education curriculum therefore highlighting the health benefits. I personally believe that adult cyclists should take responsibility for their safety and take every step possible to make themselves visible on the roads as well as ensure they are confident in their cycling ability (if necessary seeking further training). Hazard awareness is already part of the driving test and I think that driving tests should also specifically test for awareness of cyclists.
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