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The National Pharmacy Association is encouraging the Scottish Government to make the most of community pharmacy’s central place in delivering pharmaceutical care, by developing the current contract to maximise the contribution of the pharmacy network across Scotland

In its response to The NHS Scotland Review of NHS Pharmaceutical Care of Patients in the Community, the NPA states:

 “Community pharmacists are patient-focussed healthcare professionals, who are part of a skilled team, based in accessible and regulated premises.  We are keen to see new service provision and electronic audit that will confirm that community pharmacies are absolutely central to pharmaceutical care – now and long into the future.

The first of the Review’s terms of reference describes a ‘step shift’ away from the dispensing of prescriptions to one focussing on pharmaceutical care. It is vital to recognise that these are not mutually exclusive; on the contrary the safe and appropriate supply of medicines is the platform on which the majority of pharmaceutical services should be built. Community pharmacy is moving from supply to supply plus service.

This transition should be facilitated by NHS Scotland, recognising the expertise of pharmacists and also the value of the infrastructure provided by community pharmacy owners.”

 Janice Oman, NPA Representation Manager in Scotland, said:

 “Pharmaceutical care in the community has solid foundations in Scotland – an established network of pharmacies and an evolving community pharmacy contract.  Let’s build on that.”  

To help shape its response to the Review, the NPA held a specially convened meeting in Edinburgh in March 2012 where NPA members discussed the future of NHS pharmaceutical care in Scotland with Dr Hamish Wilson, joint lead of the Scottish Government’s Review of NHS Pharmaceutical Care in the Community.

Written by Scott Buckler
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 8:08

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