NHS Partners Network statement on the Government's announcement on waiting times and arbitrary rationing

Published on Monday, 14 November 2011 10:37
Posted by Scott Buckler

The NHS Partners Network has welcomed today's (Monday) announcement from the Government concerning waiting times and arbitrary rationing and said it "shows the Government putting its weight firmly behind patients and patient choice."

David Worskett, director of the NHS Partners Network, said:

"The NHS Partners Network (NHSPN) welcomes today's announcement, which shows the Government putting its weight firmly behind patients and patient choice.

“In originally pressing for the review by the Cooperation and Competition Panel, NHSPN was convinced that patients were suffering and that the financial justification for imposing minimum waiting times was almost invariably unsound. The Panel, and now the Government, have endorsed this view and the NHS will be more patient-centred as a result.

“PCTs were in too many cases adopting practices that unjustifiably restricted patient choice and led to patients not receiving the best or most timely treatment. Imposing minimum waiting times was misguided, highly undesirable and almost never in the interest of patients, providers or indeed PCTs themselves.

“It will be imperative that this is understood and acted on by the new clinical commissioning groups as they take over the responsibilities of PCTs. The same robust sanctions will need to be in place.

“And all Commissioners should now review their practices to ensure they are in full compliance with the new guidelines and with the Principles and Rules for Cooperation and Competition.

“The best way for commissioners to manage demand and secure the best value from budgets is to make the most appropriate clinical judgements about treatment for patients."


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