Big companies must lead way on carbon reduction

Published on Wednesday, 30 November 2011 16:43
Posted by Scott Buckler

We must lead the way to a sustainable future by shrinking our carbon footprint and creating a ripple effect that encourages smaller companies to follow suit.This is the view of specialist environmental insurance broker Tim FitzJohn, following the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Conference on sustainable business

As bills rise and green subsidies are cut, politicians are looking for ways to reduce bills - and emissions - at no cost. The government's solution is insulating buildings - saving money and even creating jobs to do the work.

The Government’s Green Deal push focuses mainly on private households, however Tim FitzJohn believe large corporate companies should lead the way for a greener business world.

Tim FitzJohn, associate director at S-Tech Insurance, commented: “Environmental practitioners have moved from the back room into the board room, and this was reflected in the seniority and experience of the speakers.

“Living in the world today means we consume resources and we cannot go back to living a simpler life. The conference focused on how large business can can take on a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy reduction, product lifecycle evaluation and supply chain management. This then cascades through suppliers to smaller businesses,”
added Tim.

As the recommended broker for IEMA members, S-Tech provides advice and insurance cover to consultants working in the environmental and low carbon sectors.

The conference focused on how environmental professionals can play a vital role in helping business and organisations in meeting the challenges of sustainability and low carbon. Key speakers from major companies and organisations provided insights into how large businesses are driving changes in environmental attitudes and practices.

Tim FitzJohn added: “Environmental specialists play a vital role in business today because organisations must comply with a myriad of environmental legislation involving issues such as pollution and contamination, handling hazardous substances, emissions, packaging, waste disposal, water use, and energy efficiency.

“It is important for businesses to have an environmental specialist because small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) may not have the expertise in house to help them meet statutory requirements. A specialist consultant will work with business to help it comply and avoid stiff penalties.”


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