Putting energy red tape under the spotlight

Published on Friday, 25 November 2011 10:30
Posted by Scott Buckler

Energy Minister Charles Hendry today urged business, green groups and members of the public to help identify ineffective, burdensome or unnecessary regulation as part of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge

DECC has challenging aims to deliver – to power the country and protect the planet. To achieve this it is essential that DECC’s regulatory system is as efficient as possible and we listen to the evidence and ideas of business on what works, what doesn’t and how it might be improved.

DECC has already been hard at work identifying regulations that could be improved:


  • Helping smaller suppliers join the energy market - Energy efficiency obligations on suppliers are important tools for driving cost effective energy efficiency improvements, but they can also put smaller suppliers at a competitive disadvantage. DECC is raising the threshold for participation in these schemes to companies with more than 250,000 customers, increasing competition, fostering innovation and ultimately benefitting consumers.
  • Removing redundant regulation - We intend to remove the Coal and other Mines (Horses) Order 1956 which regulated health and welfare of horses and ponies in mines. Pit ponies have not been used in mines for over a decade and even if they were, their health and welfare would already be covered by the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Simplifying regulation - DECC has simplified the regime for very low level radioactive materials, the sort of materials with comparable radioactivity of a smoke alarm. These reforms will save UK businesses more than £1m a year and allowed Government to remove 18 pieces of regulation from the statute book.

Energy Minister Charles Hendry said:

“Whether it is complex regulations deterring new entrants to the energy market, overbearing regulation on microgeneration or outdated regulation of pit ponies, we need to sharpen up. We need smart, practical, efficient regulation which protects our environment but also supports business in generating the necessary investment, innovation and skills rather than creating unnecessary barriers to growth and job creation.
“I urge everyone to get involved in the Red Tape Challenge and DECC will not hesitate to take action where unnecessary regulation is identified.”

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