Energy consumer summit is called for big 6

Published on Monday, 17 October 2011 14:15
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Prime Minister and the Energy Secretary Chris Huhne have called an Energy Summit today with energy suppliers including the Big 6 energy firms, consumer groups and the regulator Ofgem to ensure action is taken to bring down the cost of gas and energy bills this winter


Writing for , the Prime Minister and the Energy Secretary said:

"Energy bills have increased by more than £100 for most people since this summer. These price rises couldn't come at a worse time for consumers who are already feeling the pinch from rising petrol prices and the cost of the weekly shop.

"Today we are bringing together the industry, consumer groups and Ofgem for an Energy Summit that will focus on getting people the help they need to reduce their bills in time for this winter.

"Our intention is for today's Summit to be the start of a much more active engagement with consumers, with us all working harder and faster to deliver an energy market that is trusted, simple and transparent. A market that puts the consumer first and gets these energy bills down as much as possible.

"We are determined that everything that can be done will be done to help people bring their energy bills down."

The Summit is expected to cover what further actions can be taken to ensure consumers know about the potential savings they could make from checking they are on the cheapest energy deal, switching supplier and from the free or heavily subsidised insulation they could get, delivered through energy suppliers.

Source: DECC

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