Carbon Trust launches new service to verify company carbon footprints

Published on Wednesday, 12 October 2011 10:46
Posted by Scott Buckler

Today, the Carbon Trust launches Footprint Verification, a new service that will provide companies and organisations with independent verification of their corporate carbon footprints

The service has been launched to help companies and organisations manage the increasing demand for robust carbon emissions data in CSR & annual reports and websites, as well as to support the disclosure of emissions to third party stakeholders, such as shareholders and investors. Using the new service, organisations can display a Footprint Verification logo, in conjunction with the carbon footprint data, showing that their emissions have been verified. The verified carbon footprint provided is compliant with both the internationally recognised GHG Protocol, as well as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Harry Morrison, Director, Carbon Trust Certification, says:

"With the prospect of mandatory carbon reporting on the horizon and increasing pressure from shareholders for carbon disclosure, more companies and organisations are seeking independent assurance that their carbon footprint has been measured robustly and accurately.  Most companies understand now that what you can’t measure, you can’t manage. And Footprint Verification is a key service for those wanting to build a robust foundation for their carbon management strategy."

The news follows new findings from the Carbon Trust that 50% of multinationals look set to select their suppliers based upon carbon performance in the future.

Harry Morrison added:

"The business case for measuring and reducing carbon emissions stretches beyond internal cost efficiency and improving environmental reputation. Effective carbon management also offers significant rewards for businesses seeking to secure their places on enterprise supply chains, which nowadays increasingly look to their suppliers to play an active role in cutting emissions."

The Aldersgate Group is an alliance of leaders from business, politics and society that aims to drive action for a sustainable economy.

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director, The Aldersgate Group, said:

"Businesses have been very vocal in pressing for mandatory carbon reporting to create a level playing field and drive greater transparency of their energy footprint. With a decision expected imminently, the development of verification is vitally important to ensure data is both robust and reliable."

The new Footprint Verification service comprises a two-stage process.  Firstly, a gap analysis is undertaken to understand whether there are omissions or discrepancies in footprint data.  If these arise, an organisation can address them before seeking full verification.  Secondly, the final footprint data is verified.


Source: Carbon Trust

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