Nuclear energy to remain a key component of the EU's energy mix

Published on Thursday, 16 June 2011 16:28
Posted by Scott Buckler

FORATOM, the trade association representing the European nuclear industry, published a report detailing its vision of how nuclear energy will contribute significantly to the goal of achieving the low-carbon energy system by 2050 that lies at the heart of the European Commission’s Energy 2020 Strategy (June 16th)

The Energy 2050 Roadmap: Contribution of Nuclear Energy, which FORATOM published today, represents the European nuclear industry’s official input to the European Commission’s Energy Roadmap 2050, which should be completed by the end of the year and establish a blueprint for a secure, competitive and low-carbon energy system by 2050. It features analyses carried out by the Swiss research centre, the Paul Scherrer Institute, on the various energy scenarios required to achieve this goal, as well as recommendations to the EU and the European nuclear industry. The report’s main conclusion is that the different pathways leading to a low-carbon energy landscape by 2050, in particular those with a strong climate change component, all include nuclear energy.

Commenting on the findings of the document, FORATOM’s Director General, Santiago San Antonio, said: “Nuclear energy is a vital building brick for the construction of Europe’s low-carbon future. We know what conditions must be met to provide the level of nuclear deployment required by the various scenarios. With increased political support and a sustained focus on security of supply, competitiveness and climate change, nuclear could provide the EU with up to 160-170 GW of electricity in 2050. This would maintain its current one third share of the EU electricity generation market.”


Source: NIA

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