Government waste review recycles old ideas and dumps ambition

Published on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 14:28
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Government's waste review displays an embarrassing lack of new ideas and ambition, and will not help deliver the 'zero waste economy' the Government claims it is aiming for, Friends of the Earth said today (June 14th)

The green campaigning charity welcomed the abandoning of Government attempts to bully councils into running weekly bin rounds and backed cash incentives for weekly food waste collection, but attacked the Government for failing to show any real commitment to slash residual 'black bag' waste - rubbish that is sent for incineration or landfill. Friends of the Earth is calling for black bag waste to be halved by 2020.

Friends of the Earth's waste campaigner Julian Kirby said:

"The Government has spent a year reviewing its approach to rubbish - at vast public expense - and all it's managed to do is reduce its ambition, recycle old ideas and dump its commitment to a zero waste economy.

"Ministers should be helping cut waste and boost recycling - but they've produced a half-hearted document that takes waste policy back in time.

"Cash-strapped councils will be relieved Ministers have ditched ludicrous proposals to force them to provide weekly bin rounds - fortnightly collections are cheaper, encourage recycling and are popular with householders.

"The roll-out of weekly food waste pick-ups will help make use of the nation's food scraps - something we've been backing for many years.

"We can't afford to keep burying and burning our waste - David Cameron should sort out this mess with a goal to halve the rubbish England throws away by the end of the decade."


Source: FOE

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