Soaring energy prices 'forcing firms to save energy'

Published on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 16:39
Posted by Scott Buckler

The soaring cost of gas, electricity and oil is forcing businesses to become more energy efficient, Richard Critchley, policy manager for transport, environment and planning at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, has said(April 13th)

However, he argued that energy saving is a harder task for businesses than it is for households due to their dealings with energy suppliers, which makes it expensive to find the best deal.


Last month, Ofgem published its proposals to radically overhaul the energy market, removing complex pricing practices and opening up the market to smaller providers.

The energy regulator also announced that it would review whether energy companies are frustrating switching in the non-domestic market, a move welcomed by Mr Critchley.

"Any proposals that would enhance the rights of businesses and make it easier and more transparent for firms to switch to a cheaper energy deal would be welcome," he said.

"Importantly, the Ofgem review seeks to enhance the level of competition with the energy sector, which if successful, would help to drive innovation and lower costs, something all businesses would support."

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