Smart meters 'great first step' in cutting energy use

Published on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 11:29
Posted by Scott Buckler

Smart meters can be a "great start" in helping consumers lower their energy bills, says David Weatherall, housing strategy manager for the Energy Saving Trust(April 13th)


"The first step to cutting your energy use is to know when and how you're using it," he explained.

Smart meters provide real-time displays of the energy being used in the home, allowing people to monitor their energy use.

In today's consultation response the government has announced details of a mass roll-out of the devices from 2014. The role out is anticipated to save a total of £7.3 billion in fuel bills over 20 years.

Mr Weatherall noted, however, that smart meters will not physically make a home more energy efficient; it is up to households to change their behaviour.

"The householder has to be engaged enough to take action based on the information they're given," he said.

"A national roll-out of meters is no easy undertaking, but providing homeowners are clear of the benefits and how to get the best out of them, it could potentially bring [about] big changes in our relationship to energy."

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