Warm Home Discount comes into effect

Published on Friday, 08 April 2011 11:39
Posted by Scott Buckler

The government's new Warm Home Discount has come into effect, reducing the cost of energy bills for the UK's poorest pensioners(April 8th)

It is expected that the £1.1 billion scheme will help two million households over the next four years.


Under the scheme, which has replaced the voluntary agreement previously held with energy suppliers to help vulnerable customers, people on Pension Credit Guarantee Credit and some other groups will get a rebate of at least £120 a year on their energy bills.

"The Warm Home Discount will give the most vulnerable pensioners practical help to manage rising energy bills through an annual rebate. Energy companies will be required by law to provide this support," explained energy secretary Chris Huhne.

However, one organisation has claimed that the discount should help more people facing fuel poverty.

Jonathan Stearn of Consumer Focus, said: "Across the country low income families are struggling to afford to heat their homes and putting their health at risk."

Homeowners could be eligible for other energy grants to help them cut the cost of energy bills.


Source: EST

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