Consumers fail to believe company climate action

Published on Friday, 01 April 2011 15:37
Posted by Scott Buckler

Many people in the UK do not believe the green measures taken by businesses, research shows.According to a survey by the Carbon Trust, just seven per cent of consumers believe the claims made by businesses that they are doing more to reduce their carbon emissions


Indeed, it found that Britons are keen to push businesses to improve their carbon footprint and disclose their carbon emissions.

Nearly all (90 per cent) of those surveyed also agreed to make firms commit to a three per cent a year emissions cut.

"Most consumers - if they are going to believe that a company really is taking climate change seriously - want to see actual actions being taken, rather than just advertising and PR saying, 'Look how green we are'," commented Alex Randall, spokesman for the Centre for Alternative Technology.

"The public aren't stupid; they know an advertising campaign when they see one and I think they will remain unconvinced until they see actual evidence of companies taking it seriously."

Mr Randall explained that businesses should measure their emissions as the first step to reducing them.


Source: EST

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