Avoiding energy efficiency 'doesn't make business sense'

Published on Thursday, 24 March 2011 09:46
Posted by Scott Buckler

Failing to take measures towards energy efficiency does not make business sense, according to David Powell, climate campaigner at Friends of the Earth


He claimed that as energy prices continue to rise, with the government stating that they will continue to increase over the next decade, "the sooner energy efficiency measures are in place, the better".

"What we really need is a joined up way that businesses can access the cash that they need to put in place the investments [for energy efficiency]," he said, noting that it will put them in a "win-win" situation as it pays back and is good for the bottom line.

However, Mr Powell suggested that while businesses do want to reap the benefits of a low carbon economy, the government must provide support and confidence for this to happen.

The charity is calling for the Green Investment Bank to act as a bank rather than a fund to ensure that UK businesses can flourish in the green economy, echoing the recommendations of an Environmental Audit Committee report.

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