Microsoft: IT industry not energy efficient enough

Published on Thursday, 03 March 2011 14:10
Posted by Scott Buckler

The IT industry is not doing enough to improve its energy efficiency, Microsoft's chief environmental strategist has claimed.Speaking to the Guardian, Rob Bernard explained around 80 per cent of businesses are not addressing the issue of energy saving, blaming a lack of behavioural change toward energy efficiency rather than limited technology.


Indeed, manufacturers are working towards improving the environmental impact of IT, as according to government figures, large businesses are responsible for around ten per cent of the UK's carbon emissions.

Mr Bernard told the news provider that technologies such as cloud computing could dramatically reduce IT energy use, as well as more efficient data centres.

He said: "Most data centres are operating at a power utilisation efficiency of 2.0, which means that for every two electrons that come into a building only one goes to computation – the other one goes to the air conditioning and the lights."

Research by Devoteam recently found, however, that making IT equipment more energy efficient is a top priority for 90 per cent of companies across Europe.

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