NIA challenges WWF and Greenpeace 'subsidy' claim

Published on Tuesday, 15 February 2011 15:47
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) have challenged claims by WWF and Greenpeace that government plans to reform the electricty market represent a "subsidy " for nuclear


Keith Parker CEO of the NIA which represents 250 nuclear firms and 53,000 UK nuclear workers said plans to reward investment in low-carbon energy like renewables and nuclear was a constructive way to lower our UK carbon emissions and encourage investment in all future low carbon technologies. Mr Parker said : " it makes sense to change to a low carbon economy and most of us now agree this will help greatly in the fight against climate change."

"We don't want a subsidy - we want a system that makes it more attractive for investors to push for low carbon developments going forward - such as nuclear and renewables which are both proven components of a low carbon energy mix. We will need all our energy sources going forward - but we have a chance to move in the right direction" he said


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