Construction begins of waste to energy plant

Published on Monday, 14 February 2011 15:25
Posted by Scott Buckler

Construction work has begun to build the UK's largest waste to energy plant after mayor of London Boris Johnson broke the ground at the East London site

The £80 million plant in Dagenham will convert household rubbish into energy, producing enough electricity to supply around 15,000 homes in the local area.Car manufacturer Ford, which has a production facility in Dagenham, will also use some of the energy supplied by the plant. It already generates renewable energy from two wind turbines and has plans for a third.

Mr Johnson commented: "This will be a fantastic facility taking our everyday rubbish and miraculously transforming it into a valuable resource - electricity.Local people can rest easy knowing that instead of any rubbish they are unable to recycle being dumped in a landfill site and emitting harmful greenhouse gas emissions, it will be used to power their homes with green energy."

Last year Thames Water and British Gas opened a plant producing biogas from human waste, while Adnams has also started to convert brewery waste into energy.

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