DECC soars beyond carbon reduction commitment

Published on Thursday, 10 February 2011 11:14
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has surpassed its 10:10 goal to reduce carbon emissions by ten per cent in 2010Figures show that the department managed to cut its energy use by 20 per cent last year, saving 547 tonnes of carbon.


Energy secretary Chris Huhne said: "This is just the start. Having demonstrated that it can be done we are working with other government departments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ten per cent across the entire government estate by May 2011."

It forms part of prime minister David Cameron's pledge to make this the "greenest government ever" and cut ten per cent of carbon emissions from each department in Whitehall by May, when the coalition reaches one year in office.

People can track the energy use of each department in real time on their relevant website.

Ways that DECC has taken to conserve its energy included installing a chiller to keep the computer server room cool rather than the entire floor, which has led to savings of around £17,000 a year.

Source: ©DECC

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