Ofgem publishes consultation on smart meters

Published on Thursday, 10 February 2011 11:13
Posted by Scott Buckler

Ofgem has published a consultation on ways to protect consumers who have already installed smart meters


Some utility companies have delivered smart meters to their customers and the energy regulator has recommended new rules that will ensure that homeowners can still switch supplier.

It also calls for protection that will prevent automated switching between payment methods and stop remote disconnection, actions that can be done with smart meters.

Consumer Focus has welcomed the move from Ofgem, but also highlighted the privacy concerns of the technology as utility firms will have access to household's data.

"Suppliers must make sure that customers retain the privacy they want and the ability to switch easily to tariffs that work for them," said Zoe McLeod, energy expert at Consumer Focus.

"We want to see firms rise to this challenge and make sure that customers who get smart meters early get a good service."

The government hopes to roll out smart meters to every home in the UK by 2020, allowing consumers to monitor their energy use, help them become more energy efficient and lower their energy bills.

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