Manufacturers work to reduce standby power

Published on Thursday, 10 February 2011 11:04
Posted by Scott Buckler

A number of electrical manufacturers are working to reduce the energy wasted by having products on standbyCommonly termed as 'vampire power', homes can consume a significant amount of energy when products are left on standby, including mobile phones and televisions.


Research from DEFRAs Market Transformation Programme (MTP), states that vampire power accounts for eight per cent of all electricity use in the average UK home.

Therefore, new energy saving products are coming onto the market to help households conserve 'standby' energy and make consumers aware of how much energy they are wasting by not fully turning off appliances, the news provider reported.

Homeowners keen to save energy can make sure that their consumer electronics have an Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo. It tests products that meet strict criteria on energy efficiency.

The Energy Saving Trust also certifies products in categories where there is not a statutory EU energy label such as brown goods like TVs, as well as glazing and boilers.

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