Minister Bob Neill angry at councils' rubbish 'complacency'

Published on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 09:25
Posted by Scott Buckler

A government minister has accused some councils in England of showing "complacency" after large backlogs of rubbish built up during DecemberLocal Government Minister Bob Neill said some people might "wonder if their council views the rubbish collection as just a favour, not a right".


He has written to council leaders asking them to show how services will be run better over the Easter holiday.

Councils have insisted they are working hard to clear the backlog.

Some areas, including Birmingham, Exeter, north London and Merseyside, have not had a collection for four weeks.

They have blamed severe winter weather for disrupting bin lorry schedules, and said the problem had been exacerbated by the festive break and the increased amount of waste produced by households over Christmas and New Year.

There are concerns the situation could encourage rats and cause other health hazards.

But the leader of Labour-led Exeter City Council, Councillor Pete Edwards, told the BBC on Tuesday he did not believe that piles of rubbish in the street was "a major problem".

Source: ©BBC News

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