Could the UK see peak time energy pricing?

Published on Wednesday, 15 December 2010 11:46
Posted by Scott Buckler

The UK could see energy tariffs change depending on the time of day

After the Committee on Climate Change suggested introducing a time-of-use tariff in its Fourth Carbon Budget report, ministers could debate the system earlier than expected.

Charging more for electricity during peak demand could change consumer behaviour, cut demand on the grid and reduce the UK's carbon emissions, the Daily Telegraph reported.

It is hoped by campaigners that time-of-use tariffs could be used when smart meters are rolled out to UK homes by 2020, which could then offer hourly tariffs and allow households to monitor their energy use.

However, until this time a system involving three different tariffs depending on the time of day could be more likely.

Currently, some suppliers do offer cheaper tariffs in the evenings, allowing consumers to put their dishwasher or other white goods on during the night at a cheaper cost.

Dr Sarah Darby from the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University told the newspaper: "By implementing these measures we can reach carbon targets without having to generate as much power."

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