A new action plan for green Government

Published on Monday, 06 December 2010 12:55
Posted by Scott Buckler

Following David Cameron’s announcement in May that this would be the “greenest government ever”, Defra has published a new Action plan for driving sustainable operations and procurement across GovernmentThe action plan details the Government’s approach to reforming its operations and procurement, showing leadership to the wider public sector, business and citizens. Meeting priorities of leadership, transparency and accountability, efficiency and reform, and effective governance, the action plan will:


  • improve transparency through the release of departmental and supplier data;
  • build stronger relationships with suppliers to improve the sustainability of the Government’s supply base and allow risk and costs to be managed effectively;
  • deliver greater efficiency, allowing Defra to lead across Government and beyond.

The Green Government pages of Defra’s Sustainable Development in Government website provide full details of the action and its milestones.

Milestones to the greenest Government

Specific actions towards greener Government include reviewing waste, water and carbon targets, publishing the first high-level carbon footprint of the Government’s supply chain, encouraging staff behaviour change across Government, and undertaking a feasibility study for a closed loop paper recycling system.

The action plan sets out milestones that it will meet as it fulfils its commitment to become the greenest Government ever, with departments already working to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% over the year to May 2011, and new goals due to be published in December 2010.
Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate

Government departments will continue to report their performance against the existing Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate (SOGE) targets for 2009/10 and 2010/11.

New goals, to replace the SOGE targets, will be published in December 2010, when the Government completes its review of the greening Government targets for operations and estate, including waste.

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