Are consumers clued-up about LED lighting?

Published on Monday, 06 December 2010 11:54
Posted by Scott Buckler

As inefficient light bulbs are gradually being phased out in the UK over the next few years, consumers might still be in the dark about a new kind of energy saving light bulb: the LED


Speaking at the preview event of the Architecture, Retail and Commercial Lighting Show, Matt Hill, sales development manager at Arrow Electronics, highlighted the benefits of LED lighting for consumers.

He noted that while there are a number of different types of LED lighting available, one major element of the technology is clear: its environmental benefits.

"You have got to look at why you are using LEDs in the first place," he said. "The main goal that a lot of people strive for is energy reduction and cost reduction."

However, the expert noted that there are still a number of people who are unaware of these benefits, requiring more education for consumers on how they can "really utilise the functionality and the benefits" of LEDs.

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