Poll Reveals Lib Dems Back Nuclear

Published on Monday, 11 October 2010 12:43
Posted by Scott Buckler

A recent Liberal Democrat Voice poll revealed 68% of Lib Dem members back nuclear as part of the UK’s energy mix


In the poll, more than a quarter of the 600 respondents even went so far as giving the green light to public subsidy to kick-start the much-needed nuclear new build.

The poll for members-only aimed to find out what Lib Dem supporters think of key issues under scrutiny since the coalition government came into being and invited comments on how the Lib Dems were performing

Firstly the poll asked about Chris Huhne’s announcement that he is now backing nuclear power in order to ensure the stability of Britain’s energy supplies.

The question put to members was: Do you believe Chris Huhne is right to say that nuclear power, alongside oil and gas and renewable sources, should be part of the UK’s energy mix?

    * The results showed 41%  said Yes, nuclear should be part of the mix as long as there is no public subsidy
    * Some 27% said Yes, nuclear should be part of the mix even if some public subsidy proves necessary
    * 25% – No, nuclear power should play no part in the UK’s energy mi
    * 4% – Other
    * 4% – Don’t know / No opinion

In total 68% of the sample of Lib Dem members back an acceptance of nuclear energy as part of the UK’s energy mix, with only one-quarter rejecting nuclear power (as per party policy at the last election). Comments from those in the pro-nuclear camp suggested some relief at the party’s U-turn.

The Lib Dems have consistently opposed new nuclear power stations for the UK – but responses suggest more and more are accepting the fact that low carbon nuclear can help the UK meet its stringent cuts in carbon emissions as part of the global response to climate change.

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