Energy Bill to be published

Published on Tuesday, 22 May 2012 08:30
Posted by Scott Buckler

The government will publish its long-awaited draft energy bill later, designed to encourage major investment in clean energy generation and help increase security of supply

The bill is expected to outline long-term contracts to encourage investment in nuclear and renewable energy.These could include provisions for energy firms to return money if energy prices rise above agreed levels.

Critics say the measures will result in higher energy bills for consumers.Green groups also say the bill will not reduce the UK's reliance on gas.

They say that more clarity is needed over the government's long-term policy, particularly how it will achieve stringent C02 reduction targets.The bill should provide more details of the coalition's plans for nuclear power generation, which are unclear following the decision of two German power companies to pull out of building plants in the UK.

Source: ©BBC News

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