LGA responds to CCC report on climate change"

Published on Thursday, 17 May 2012 14:04
Posted by Scott Buckler

Responding to the release of the Committee on Climate Change report into local government carbon reduction measures, Cllr Clyde Loakes, LGA Environment Board Vice Chair, said..

"Despite cuts to council funding, local government continues to effectively tackle climate change and is achieving excellent results. Significant reductions in carbon emissions are being delivered by reducing landfill, promoting public transport, installing renewable energy and improving the energy efficiency of council buildings and local residents' homes.

Many of the biggest polluters like motorways, airports and industry are beyond the control of local government. In addition, a strangle-hold by the energy companies on funding, and policies that aren't designed with local authorities in mind are preventing us from doing more to cut carbon emissions. We need to be given more access to the funding that is raised by the energy suppliers and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in order to deliver even better environmental outcomes.

Good policies that work for councils are the best way to get local action. The Green Deal is a key new government policy to address one of the causes of climate change, and we have been lobbying strongly for DECC to make sure that councils can easily get involved and pass the benefits onto their local residents.

Decisions on which carbon reduction measures are prioritised and how they are delivered should be left to locally elected representatives. A centrally imposed statutory duty is too blunt an instrument to address the nuanced needs and challenges of individual local areas and is likely to add significantly to costs. We urge the Government not to go down that route. But if it does wish to impose further statutory duties at a time when council budgets are being cut and the cost of providing services like elderly care and road maintenance is rising dramatically it must make sure those duties are adequately funded.

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