Government papering over cracks of our broken energy system

Published on Thursday, 12 April 2012 10:17
Posted by Scott Buckler

Commenting on an announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on Wednesday 11 April 2012 that energy companies will be obliged to tell their customers about their best tariffs, Friends of the Earth's Energy Campaigner Paul Steedman said..

"Clegg's admission that we can't control world energy prices points to the real problem for energy customers - that just six big energy firms have us hooked on dirty, expensive, imported gas.

The Big Six's addiction to fossil fuels saw bills rise by up to 18 per cent last autumn - but despite this the Government wants to fuel their habit by building yet more gas-fired power stations.

"Rather than papering over the cracks of our broken energy system we need Ministers to make our homes more efficient and to switch to clean British energy from the wind, sun and waves we have in abundance."

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