Resist the siren shale gas call

Published on Wednesday, 02 November 2011 11:57
Posted by Scott Buckler

Responding to the findings of a report which showed that drilling for shale gas probably did cause recent earthquakes near Blackpool , WWF today reiterated its concerns about ‘fracking’

WWF said that, alongside concerns over ground and surface water contamination attributed to shale gas drilling, as well as greenhouse gas emissions associated with its extraction, the findings added to anxiety over shale gas extraction. WWF is calling for a moratorium on shale gas extraction in the UK until the potential environmental risks around shale gas drilling have been properly researched and the right regulations have been put in place.

WWF also reiterated its concerns that a new ‘dash for gas’ would take the world towards dangerous levels of climate change, increasing temperatures by at least 3.5°C according to a recent report by the International Energy Agency .

Nick Molho, head of energy policy at WWF-UK, said: “These findings are worrying, and are likely to add to the very real concerns that people have about fracking and shale gas. More to the point though, we’re extremely concerned by the way in which shale gas is being painted as a ‘wonder gas’ which will slash energy bills in Britain and help tackle climate change.

“Shale gas is still a fossil fuel, and a new dash for gas could see global temperatures skyrocket. There’s also no evidence that it will have a big impact on energy bills, which have in fact been driven up in recent years by a rising gas price. Our research [3] shows that renewables are the best way of reducing our disproportionate vulnerability to the gas price and tackling climate change in the long term; the Government has to listen and resist the siren calls of the fossil fuel industry.“


Source: WWF

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