'Concentrated population' threatening environment

Published on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 12:27
Posted by Scott Buckler

Concentrated populations are putting more of a threat on the environment than population growth, a major new report has concludedDense areas such as the south-east of England are putting increasing pressure on water consumption and waste, while the age structure of the population also has an effect, it found.


The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution's (RCEP) report highlights the need to reduce consumption and waste over lowering the UK's population numbers.

Single-person households could also impact on the environment, it states, which increases energy demand.

RCEP calls for the government to focus on improving resource use and urging people to change their energy consumption, as well as focus on regional development policy and the planning system.

Chair of the commission, Sir John Lawton, commented: "We have found that demography is extremely complex and the trends and impacts show a huge variation across the UK.

"This means that local authorities, service providers and many other organisations should also be seriously considering the environmental implications of demographic change in their planning."

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