Record numbers of Aberdeen residents recycling

Published on Wednesday, 08 September 2010 09:40
Posted by Scott Buckler

Residents in Aberdeen have been taking advantage of the city council's new weekly waste collection serviceThe local authority has revealed that it recorded its highest-ever recycling rate during May and June, with the alternative weekly collection scheme cited as the reason for the growth.


Aberdeen achieved a 32 per cent rate during May and provincial figures have suggested that the number has risen to 33 per cent for June.

"The move to alternate week waste collections was designed to play an integral and essential part in improving Aberdeen's recycling rates," councillor Aileen Malone, housing and environment convenor, said.

Ms Malone continued voicing her pleasure that residents were embracing the opportunity and doing their bit to help the environment.

The alternative weekly collection initiative was set up in an attempt to help the council increase its existing recycling rate by 2011, with councilors hoping the number of people recycling will reach 40 per cent.

Source: ©EST

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