Trade waste recycling collections double

Published on Thursday, 05 August 2010 16:13
Posted by Scott Buckler

The number of local authorities in England providing a trade recycling service for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) has nearly doubled in the last three years


Some 43% of local authorities now offer a trade recycling service² compared to 23% in 2007 – reflecting increased demand from businesses to dispose of their waste responsibly, and recycle at work as they can at home.

The percentage of local authorities offering a residual trade waste service³ has also increased from 56% to 65% in the last three years, while there has been a 6% increase in the number providing resource efficiency advice to businesses (from 51% to 57%) in the last year.

The number of authorities providing residual waste services, but not recycling services, is reducing. However, 37% of local authorities that provide residual trade waste collections still do not provide a recycling service.

Phillip Ward, Director of Local Government Services at WRAP said:

Recycling at home is now a way of life and people quite rightly expect to be able to continue this practice in the workplace and elsewhere. It is very encouraging to see that more local authorities are introducing recycling services to help businesses avoid sending all their waste to landfill. This increase in recycling services reflects the support authorities provide for their local businesses, by providing services that meet their needs and help them reduce landfill costs.

“There remains a gap between the percentage of authorities providing residual waste services and those providing recycling services as well and there are clearly opportunities to close this gap.”

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