Falkland Islands' airfield wins an environmental award

Published on Friday, 05 October 2012 15:39
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation led project to improve a Falkland Islands' airfield at Mount Pleasant Airport has won an Environmental Award

Taking just over nine months to complete Project Shackelton involved the stripping and relaying of the runway and taxiway surfaces and replacement of cabling and lights.

The £18 million project was undertaken by DIO contractors Colas and supervised by consultants Mott MacDonald.

The airfield remained in use while the work was completed.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable elements of the project included giving runway scrapings to the local Government for the resurfacing of civilian roads, donating pallets for community projects and using 54,000 tonnes of locally produced coarse aggregate instead of importing it from another country.

This earned the scheme a 'very good' Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Award from CEEQUAL – an awards organisation for civil engineering, infrastructure and landscaping.

DIO Project Manager Stephen Wilson said:

"It's fantastic we managed to achieve this award as we were limited because of the remote nature of the project 8,000 miles away off the tip of South America.

"I'm also really delighted with the project overall. There was close cooperation between the base and Colas and they met daily weekly and monthly at various levels to coordinate base ops and contractor ops. It is a credit to everyone that harmonious relations were maintained and all worked as a team to a common purpose in difficult circumstances."

This is the first time the Mount Pleasant Airport has been resurfaced since being constructed in 1985.

Wing Commander John Shields, who was one of the commanding officers at the airport during and after the revamp, added:

"Most airstrips are resurfaced every 10 years but because of the amount of use it had, Mount Pleasant was left for 25.

"I was really impressed with how well everyone worked with each other - Colas, Mott MacDonald, the RAF and the DIO. That was the key to the success of this project."

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