Fracking plans 'cast dark shadow' over UK

Published on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 10:31
Written by Daniel Mason

Many communities across Britain face the threat of fracking in their neighbourhoods, Friends of the Earth has warned following the Government's announcement of a fracking roadmap - the areas it intends to offer for onshore oil and gas licensing, and the potential impacts of this.

Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Tony Bosworth said: "These plans cast a dark shadow over many communities across Britain who could now face the threat of fracking in their backyard.

"The Government admits shale gas and coal bed methane development could have significant impacts on local people and the environment, while experts say they won't bring down energy bills.

"The best way to build an energy system that doesn't cost the earth is by investing in a comprehensive efficiency programme and developing the UK's huge renewable energy potential."

Greenpeace response:

Responding to DECC's proposals for the new shale gas licensing round, Greenpeace Energy Campaigner Anna Jones said: "Michael Fallon is desperate to put a positive spin on this report, but what it actually shows is that the Government wants to open two thirds of England up to fracking, with all the associated risks. Enough waste water to fill 40,000 Olympic sized swimming pools could be created, and tiny villages could experience up to 50 truck movements per day. Fallon has also ignored the report's lower jobs estimate, which is just 2,500.

"There's no public mandate for this industrialisation of the English countryside and for digging up new forms of fossil fuels. With even the fracking companies admitting UK shale won't bring down bills, and the community sweeteners being described as "crumbs off the table" by MPs in affected areas, you can understand why opposition is growing across the country. The Government has a fight on its hands.

"Real energy security in the UK can only be achieved through clean renewable sources and energy efficiency. Fracking is a dangerous distraction."

Sources: Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace

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