Response to CCC report on UK’s carbon footprint

Published on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 11:44
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Responding to a report published today by the Committee on Climate Change on the UK's carbon footprint, Nick Molho, head of climate and energy policy at WWF-UK said:

"Today's report shows the importance of reaching a global agreement to reduce carbon emissions by 2015.

"But with two out of the next three climate change summits taking place in the EU, an ambitious global deal will only materialise if the EU's key member states show a strong commitment to decarbonise their own economies.

"The EU and the UK cannot afford a repeat of last week's fiasco where the European Parliament, aided by many Conservative UK MEPs, voted against a proposal to strengthen the appallingly low price of carbon in the EU."

On the question as to whether carbon policies have contributed to a shift in manufacturing other countries, Nick Molho said: "Impacts of policies on energy intensive users must be taken seriously but are manageable. In the interest of domestic consumers, it is critical that Government policies towards energy intensive users are proportionate and taken on the basis of transparent criteria to avoid the risk of over-compensation seen in countries like Germany."

Source: WWF

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