EU must recognise benefits of energy efficiency, says business alliance

Published on Monday, 28 January 2013 11:24
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) has called for the European Commission to recognise the full role of energy efficiency in creating jobs and economic growth.

The EU-ASE is an alliance of business to include Siemens, Philips, Schneider Electric and Knauf Insulation who have recently written to the European Commission and its 27 European Commissions in a bid to encourage energy efficiency measures.

In the letter the alliance has described how energy efficiency can reduce energy consumption, productions costs, encourage supply security and stimulate innovation. They continued to describe the findings of a report that showed energy efficiency can reduce global expenditure on coal, natural gas and oil equivalent to €525 billion by 2020.

The letter stated:

"In addition, a reduction of global energy demand will have a decreasing impact on global energy prices reducing energy costs even further. Decreased fuel prices will lead to an additional decrease of the global energy bill by €900bn by 2020 and €1,050bn by 2030. Therefore, energy efficiency can reduce global fuel bills by €1,424bn per year in 2020 and by €2,323bn in 2030".

They further claimed that with the EU holding the predominant market share in innovative energy efficiency solutions, the estimate for geographical segmentation would be 27% within the EU, China with 23% and the US with 20%. The alliance described:

"This is the proof that innovators introducing energy savings solutions on the global market are more successful and enjoy higher sales compared to conventional innovators. This reflects an important competitive advantage." As a result the alliance is asking the Commission to assist European businesses by providing a clear political, regulatory and financial framework.

EU-ASE Maria Frassoni supported:

"The connection between energy efficiency and competitiveness of European businesses stems from several factors, including the ability of energy efficiency measures to reduce energy costs to sustain economic prosperity and job creation in the European Union. Energy efficiency is a no-regret option for Europe's 2030 climate and energy strategy."

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