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Published on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 11:41
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Installing effective insulation in industrial plants across the European Union (EU) will create annual energy savings equivalent to the entire energy consumption of Dutch industry.

That's according to the Climate Protection with Rapid Payback report produced by Ecofys for the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EIIF.)

The report claims annual energy savings would amount to 480 Peta Joules and 37 Metric Tonnes of  CO2– or more than four per cent of industry's total fuel consumption and emissions per year.

The annual savings potential of installing effective industrial insulation is equivalent to:

  • The energy consumption of 10 million households
  • The energy consumption of 15, 500 MW coal-fired power plants.

Savings in energy consumption would also amount to massive reductions in CO2 emissions.

The Ecofys report estimates that annual reductions in CO2 emissions would be equivalent to the emissions of 18 million family cars each driving 12,500 kilometres per year if effective insulation was applied throughout EU industry.

The report supports the EIIF's drive to encourage EU industry to:

  • Insulate uninsulated parts and replace damaged insulation
  • Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of insulation and consider upgrading
  • Engage insulation experts early in planning insulation to maximise the effectiveness of insulation.

Founded in 2009, the EIIF aims to promote sustainable insulation as a widely-accepted means of achieving rapid financial and environmental returns.

UK trade association the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association – TICA- represents the UK on European Federation of Associations of Insulation Companies. (FESI.) FESI is one of the founding members of EIIF.

TICA is committed to using the combined strength of its members to protect, improve and promote the benefits of properly-applied thermal insulation in reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

It believes effective insulation should be top of the agenda to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

TICA has positioned itself as the voice of the sector, representing the industry – and its membership – at the highest level in the UK, EU and worldwide.

Formed in 1959, TICA's aims and objectives are to:

  • Create and improve overall industry standards
  • Offer advice and support to membership
  • Act positively to promote best working practices
  • Provide training to the thermal insulation industry through IETA (Insulation & Environmental Training Agency.)

TICA and member company Kingspan Tarec will be exhibiting at 4th Annual National NHS Sustainable Development Conference and Exhibition, the Brewery Conference , in London, on 14 February 2013.

Located at Stand Number 2, both companies will be able to advise on the benefits of industrial and commercial insulation – and engaging member companies for installation work.

Source: ©TICA

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