Consultation opens on energy plan

2050 target in Jersey
Published on Tuesday, 06 November 2012 11:31
Posted by Scott Buckler

Islanders are being asked for their views on a new Energy Plan for Jersey. The Department of the Environment's consultation document, 'Pathway 2050: An Energy Plan for Jersey', sets out a long term plan to achieve both energy saving and a reduction of carbon emissions through to 2050

The plan, which is the culmination of a number of pieces of work, follows on from the green paper 'Fuel for Thought' published in 2008. It is based on the three principles of making sure energy is secure, affordable and sustainable for all.

The document sets out a series of 30 key actions with ten year rolling targets for reducing the energy (and consequent greenhouse gas emissions) that we all use at home, at work, and for transport.  One third of greenhouse gases in Jersey come from the energy used to fuel cars and other transport, another third is used for domestic heating and power within the home, and the remaining amount is for running essential services, powering businesses and manufacturing activities.

Since the publication of the green paper in 2008, there have been a number of changes. In 2009, the Energy Efficiency Service was set up with support from Jersey Electricity PLC. The service has insulated 1,300 homes, providing 100% grants to vulnerable members of society, and improved living conditions. For every pound spent by the service on energy efficiency measures, the consumer saves £5.40 in lower energy bills.  The Plan proposes developing and extending the reach of this service.

International targets

The Plan's long term targets are set by our International agreements. As a signatory, through the UK, to the Kyoto protocol, Jersey is proposing the target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 against 1990 levels. Achieving this target will be challenging but it will be assisted by technological developments, so the Plan will evolve and be reviewed every five years to see whether a change of direction or emphasis is needed.

Minister for the Department of the Environment, Deputy Rob Duhamel, said "Pathway 2050 presents a route to a sustainable, affordable, secure energy future. It may change as technology develops, but it is a big step towards Jersey's energy future.

" Recent power outages and fires at Gas Place and the fuel farm have highlighted issues of ensuring energy security and resilience to factors outside our control."

The Renewable Energy Commission has also been looking at the potential for offshore tidal and wind power which could play a significant role in improving the Island's energy security in the future. They are now working on a Channel Island basis with Guernsey.

The Energy Plan will be managed by a proposed new Energy Partnership. This will be set up as a multi agency group with representatives from the States of Jersey, Energy companies and third sector organisations.

The deadline for comments is 31 January 2013.

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