UKDEA respond to market request for much needed District Energy Guidance

Published on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 16:09
Posted by Scott Buckler

Nationally recognised as a centre of excellence for advice and assistance on district energy, the UK District Energy Association is planning to crystallize this expertise into a number of guides which will be provided over the next year


The first of these will be the core Guide to District Energy in the UK, which will feature case studies, route maps and example energy services agreements to be published in late 2012. Following this the UKDEA will be publishing a:

• Technical Delivery Guide to clarify the key technical issues with the delivery of district energy
schemes and therefore remove many of the common faults found with schemes which are not
delivered by industry experts.
• Customer Charter for residential schemes to set a standard which can be used for such schemes
across the UK.

One of the clear benefits of all these guides is that they will be prepared by district energy experts from within the UKDEA, and reviewed by a UKDEA working Group comprised of energy suppliers, developers and consumers, ensuring a balanced approach.Following completion of these guides the UKDEA will be taking a leading role in developing an accreditation system for district energy schemes in the UK to provide confidence that schemes are being delivered to standards from a commercial and technical perspective which meet and exceed "Best Practice"

Source: UKDEA

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