Interview with Benny Peiser, director of The GWPF

Published on Wednesday, 05 September 2012 16:40
Written by Benny Peiser

Today we interviewed Benny Peiser, director of the GWPF, renowned for his views on global warming. We gave you the chance to ask questions via Twitter and we also had some things to ask ourselves.

The full transcript of questions and answers is below. Add your views in the comments section below.

STF: Why are you a climate skeptic?

BP: I regard myself an agnostic. I think the jury is still out what the long term effects of global warming will be.

STF: Can the UK Government afford to fight climate change?

BP: Yes, of course. But the current policy isn't working and a new, more cost-effective approach will be required.

‏STF: @lucyebrown asks: Who funds you? (The GWPF)

BP: We are funded by donations from private individuals and charitable trusts. We do not except any funding from energy interests

STF: Is wind energy a good option?

BP: Wind energy is very expensive and inefficient and has essentially no affect on climate change.

STF: Is the quest for renewable energy increasing electric and gas prices?

BP: Meeting the Government's target for renewable energy would increase households electricity bills by ~40-60% by 2020.

STF: Can shale gas work?

BP: In the US, the shale revolution has reduced CO2 emissions dramatically – down to 1992 levels. Could happen here too.

STF: A question from @Adam_Grant_Bell, he asks: Are you genuinely claiming that RE subsidies will add £400 to bills? They add £25 now for 10GW deployed. 30GW in 2020.

BP: Yes. Please see Prof Hughes: "The Impact of Wind Power On Household Energy Bills"

STF: @James_BG asks: Do you ever wonder how you will be judged if history proves your views on the climate wrong?

BP: I could ask the same question. What we need are flexible policies able to adjust as empirical evidence evolves.

STF: @GeorgeMonbiot asks: What evidence would it take to change your mind on AGW?

BP: I am agnostic but open-minded. If AGW were to accelerate, I would reconsider my position.

STF: @ELNVicky asks: What alternative spending would you push if you had control of UK and DECC energy policies?

BP: I would focus much more on adaptation to climate change. It's a win-win whoever is right or wrong.

STF: Last question from us, Sum up the stern review?

BP: The Stern Review is fundamentally flawed - see Peter Lilley's new report

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